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Hey, i would like to exchange links with you on the blog roll ( tried to copy your banner, but couldn't do it...let me know if you are interested...also, I think your web launch sounds cool and would be interested in joining. My jewelry website is


Thanks for adding VIVmag's site to your StumbleUpon. I am enjoying your virtual pub, as well. Please check out our free premier issue at if you have not already. Best of luck to you with your February launch and thanks again!

ellen ikemoto

hi ayana... your blog is fun & entertaining. adding it to my "fav's".

you mentioned you liked purses...tho this site doesn't have leather ones it just blew me away with it's colors & textures...and then how often do you hear the artist is from estonia! ...still haven't looked up where that is.


ellen ikemoto

my purses can't compare to krista's...but i hope you'll check out my site for possible future inclusion.

my scarves, cuffs & necklaces seem to be where my excitement lies.

enjoy, ellen



Just started a blog. Would like to exchange blog links, and be added on your blog roll.
Love your site? Regards, Norahz Jewelry

Marion Renee

I like what you're doing here and I want to be a part of it! Please check out my site for possible link exchange or more....

Thanks and keep up the great work,

Marion of Fufulinda's ...'cause ev'ry girl has a lil' fufu in her!


Checkout for a new unique shopping site.

Makool Loves Nolé's Style!



Hey - I love your blog -- the design is so clean and engaging. I spend hours shopping the net too -- here are some cool boutiques that I shop and adore ... if you haven't heard of them already.

- -- great jewelry & selection ; the travel inspired themes are nice; global jewelry.
- -- very cool site, nice jewelry.


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